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Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you’ll find some common questions that come up about DC3 Education. If you’re looking for information that you can’t find here, please contact us.
Who creates the program content? (Experts, industry professionals?)

The content of every program is designed by experienced industry professionals in the specific topics we offer. They are paired with industry experts to develop a very meaningful and relevant content that combines the knowledge of the experts with the best practices for online delivery, resulting in an effective and efficient learning experience for our students.

Please note, because programs are self-paced, there is no live instruction or facilitation. Lessons are developed through the collaboration of industry professionals and experts delivered in a multi-media, interactive format, designed for self-directed learning.

How does the trial work?

Most programs offered by DC3 Education start with an introductory course that can be taken at no cost. This allows all students to be introduced to the content scope before committing to a paid, full program.

Is the introductory course required to complete the rest of the program?

The introductory course is not required, but is highly recommended to ensure you get the most out of the program and are able to clearly understand all concepts that follow in the rest of the courses.

What are the admissions requirements?                                                       

DC3 Education has an open admission policy. Students will be admitted to any of our programs, all you need is a curious mind, internet access, and a desire to learn.

Steps to complete admissions:                   

  1. Create an account and choose a course.
  2. Optional: Complete the introductory course, offered at no cost to all enrolled students.
  3. Students are required to have access to a reliable computer or a mobile device capable of running multimedia applications and navigating media-rich websites, and a reliable high-speed Internet connection. Videos play on most tablets and mobile devices, although students may need to upload files using a computer.
  4. Deliver payment and/or set a payment plan.

What are my payment options?

In most cases, our programs are offered with introductory pricing. You may choose to purchase any course in a program and pay it separately, or purchase the entire program up front and receive an additional discount. 

Is there a final exam/test?  How do the assessments work?

Our courses are based on a pass/no-pass grading system. The emphasis is on students demonstrating understanding and mastery of skills and competencies of their program.

Access to each level is granted upon completion of the subsequent level. Some courses require a post assessment/evaluation that confirms mastery of learning objectives.

How long does it take to complete? How long can I access the program?

Whether you are taking the program to learn a specific competency, master an existing skill, change careers, or just for fun, you will decide how much effort is required. We’ve carefully designed our content, media, lessons, and assessments with the help of industry experts to give you the best possible learning experience. DC3 support staff is available to assist you in building a learning path, as well as helping you identify and realize your potential.  
That said, every learning experience is unique to the individual student and time to complete may vary. Since the programs are self-paced, you may access the curriculum on your own schedule and you’ll have plenty of time to complete the program within the allotted time. You will have unlimited access to the content, videos, lessons, and assessments during your enrollment allotment time.

How is DC3 different from other online courses offerings?

DC3 Education offers innovative self-paced online programs that combine elements of creativity, art, business skills, and technical competency. The content of these programs is designed and facilitated by a dedicated team of industry professionals and experts, and combines current technical knowledge with a best-in-class online interactive course structure. Our unique educational format allows flexibility for students to tailor and manage their own learning pace, at the speed and engagement level that best suits their time.

This convenient approach allows students to develop professional skills in more efficient ways: instead of specific due dates on assignments, students can work at their own pace — progressing and completing academic competencies based on their schedule.  Also, a DC3 digital credential is granted with every level or program completed.

What is DC3 Education’s relationship to Full Sail University?

Full Sail University has over 30 years of experience in higher quality education and real world training. DC3 Education was designed by Full Sail University to provide students not in search of a degree, another opportunity to pursue, grow, or discover their passion. This portable, interactive, and educational experience allows students to learn skills important to them, impacting the world with knowledge that truly moves you. The training provided by DC3 Education is for personal enrichment and is not transferable or accredited.
How does the credentialing system work? Is it secure? Why do I need it?

DC3 Education uses a proprietary digital credentialing system that stores your achievements in learning and mastered skills. Here is how it works: Our courses are divided into levels, each of them contains a set of competencies to be mastered. With the completion of a level the student earns a level badge, when all the levels are successfully complete, the student earns a digital credential of the course.

When is the Digital Credential awarded?

A digital credential is earned after each level is successfully completed. A full credential is earned after successful completion of the entire course.