About DC3 Education

Designed by Full Sail University, DC3 Education is a learning provider offering high quality self-paced online programs for both personal and professional growth.

From learning basic concepts to mastering skills, DC3 delivers interactive programs for professionals, career seekers, knowledge enthusiasts, and industry partners in media, entertainment, and technology. 

What Makes DC3 Different?

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DC3’s unique educational format allows flexibility for students to develop specific skills for self- enrichment and personal growth.

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DC3 programs are carefully crafted to incorporate relevant and meaningful content using proven techniques for online learning. 

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Designed by Full Sail University with over 30 years of experience in high quality education and real world training for students. 


Designed by Full Sail University

Full Sail University, founded in 1979, has been successfully educating students in media, entertainment, technology, and the arts for over 35 years.

What began as a dream, became a space where people can take their love for entertainment and transform it into a career they love. Over the years Full Sail's graduates have worked behind the scenes for many of the world's most well-known brands and widely acclaimed releases.

As Full Sail University became successful at helping people achieve their dreams, they began thinking, "What if passion was not limited by a degree? What if you drove your own learning path, created your own timeline, and followed your own ambition?" This thinking led to their latest goal: Design a portable, interactive, and educational experience where students learn skills important to them, impacting the world with knowledge that truly moves you.